Strategy and economics

Tax on each transaction in ecosystem

  • 2% of the value of each transaction in GMTR inside the games will be burned

  • 2% of the value of each transaction will be sent to the team for further development and marketing buyback

Automatic LP

We plan to implement an automatic LP at the expense of taxes on transactions within games. Development of an economic model in the process

Marketing and Buy Back

The marketing strategy and the buy-back strategy will be used not only to promote the token and expand our user base but also to maintain a stable and growing token chart.

A buy-back mechanism was instituted into the smart contract of GMTR that allows us to buy tokens and burn them. This creates a deflationary supply to further increase value for our holders.

Attracting liquidity by selling Dapps development services for a GMTR token

GMTR is backed up by the services of IT developers. We have built a strategy according to which we will accept payment for the development of projects in GMTR tokens. To avoid manipulation of our token, we will lock the received tokens.

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