Apps To Come


While we are developing the main products, we will delight you with mini-releases of games. These are DeFi systems designed to encourage and incentivize holders of our token. And also to create an alternative to investing in the gamefi style on the CryptoGeometry platform.

List of available games:

Geometry 2048 The classic 2048 game. With each transaction inside the game, 2% will go to the Jackpot. Every time a new player takes the first place, he gets a Jackpot Link: soon

Telegram Games and Instruments

We want to provide the most comfortable and convenient ways to interact with our products. In this regard, we focus on the parallel development of DeFi tools and games in the form of telegram bots. We plan to release collectable NFT cards games and mini-games card games. And different tools: bots for tracking prices, ratings, and much more.

We are focused on cooperation with long-term investors. Therefore, we are working on a special tool for the Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) strategy. More about DCA

Educational Platform

We want to give access to knowledge about advanced technologies to as many people as possible. We had a lot of experience of learning in different forms.

And we have concluded that we want to introduce Scrum to you in our future learning platform. Learn Solidity just for the hodl tokens!

Get NFT achievements for completing the course!

  • The work will immediately go on real IDE

  • The final stages of training will be conducted on real projects

  • We will offer Front-End and partner-based marketing to successful projects


We endorse the "HODL" strategy and do not support trading and risky speculation.

That's why we want to create an analogue of an investment trust in Crypto. Our aim is to make money by investing in other cryptocurrencies.

GMTR holders who decide to participate will receive dividends from the portfolio's profits. System design and documents in development.

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