Limited Staking Pool

About Pool

Warning! The amount of rewards in the pool is limited! Harvest your reward every day otherwise, you risk miss earned GMTR! You can withdraw the deposit any time even pool will be finished

Our token has a deflationary nature. In this regard, we decided to limit the Pool. In the future, we do not exclude the possibility of replenishing the pool at the expense of profits from other projects.

APY 182,5%

To participate, you need BNB and GMTR in your wallet.

The first time you make a deposit in GMTR, your funds will be sent to the contract. After 1 minute you will already see the changes in the Earned field.

After the deposit, you don't need to reload Pool's page. The data is taken from the blockchain and is automatically updated every minute.

The second time and every subsequent time when you make a deposit you automatically withdraw Earned.

Every time you Harvest, you withdraw Earned.

If you want to withdraw all earned GMTR and deposit, then choose Withdraw button.

Token Contract: 0x34c34BeaBEADbB6Db856D44dF3E26b124C3D40Cc

Pool Contract: 0x8059cE8Fb6d6854B24FaFC025Dc7eb21a623308d

Treasure Contract: 0x168365305AE3a5e73D497b3d9ac91d7a6375608F

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