The 2048 game

About The Game

This is a classic 2048 game. You can check out all the rules of classic 2048 on wikipedia here. Shortly, you have a 4x4 game field with digits on tiles.

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard and sum up the same numbers on vertical or horizontal line.

About Jackpot

You need 2 GMTR for one attempt. Every time 1.5 GMTR is moving to the jackpot vault and 0.5 GMTR is moving to the burning and to owners. You can get the jackpot when you beat the top 1 record. If your record is the top 1 and you beat your record, you will not get the Jackpot.

For example:

Alice played 3 rounds and spent 6 GMTR.

The JackPot is 4.5 GMTR.

Bob played 3 rounds and spent 6 GMTR but he is not reached Alice's record.

The JackPot is 9 GMTR.

Bob is playing another one and beating Alice's record!

Bob is getting 10.5 GMTR from JackPot vault.

Bob played another one and beating self record

Bob isn't getting JackPot

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